Chris Coekin The Hitcher

Summer 2007

The Photographers’ Gallery, 5 Great Newport Street


Like a latter-day beatnik, Coekin has been hitchhiking around the UK off and on for the past six years. Using a disposable camera to produce images as unpredictable as his journey – and a medium format camera for his portraits – Coekin has captured his adventures, the landscapes and the people he has encountered. Influenced by writers Laurie Lee and Jack Kerouac there is something romantic about Coekin’s ambitions, while the photographs themselves reveal a more prosaic reality. And by adopting the name of the cult horror film The Hitcher Coekin shows a satisfyingly perverse sense of humour.


A book was also produced by Walkabout Press for this show in which I wrote an introductory essay which will soon appear in the writing section of this website.


The artist is developing a website at:


All installation shots taken at The Photographers' Gallery by Jason Welling. Copyright of work images Chris Coekin.