Archive of featured work:

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Glocal in the work of C Y Frankel

Is it possible for work that is so local to become more universal? Frankel submitted this series to a Lensculture Emerging Talent 2015, and was one of the award winners for that category which gave the work some online exposure and meant it was also exhibited. Virtual platforms seem a new way to offer that global perspective, and Lensculture is a website keen to nurture and develop an online community for photographers.
This is an extract from a longer paper presented at the National Photography Symposium.

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Surfeit - Alex Waterstone

"This series of work has grown quite literally from an earlier seris of self-portraits. Through a process of altering different versions of the same original print, which are then layered on top of each other. The handmade look of the final prints speaks of much earlier photographic processes but has been achieved in a thoroughly contemporary way."

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Looking at the overlooked – the work of Rosy Martin

"Photographs help us deal with death and also memorialise lives lived. Here Martin uses found images and photographs of her family alongside her re enactments. As she puts on her fathers suit she adopts, as a method actor, his way of holding himself his mannerisms and habits. She becomes, if only briefly, him. We see the photographic record of what we presume was an emotional event."

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Air, Land, Water. Maeve McDonnell

"McDonnell’s images record protestors who have set up camp to demonstrate against Fracking. Temporary wooden structures have been constructed which have almost medieval connotations, with flags and banners placed high on the parapets of a temporary castle. Groups of individuals converge to create temporary communities to carry out peaceful political action. "