Women Photographers

Made up lovesong Bettina von Zwehl Strange encounters with the work of Anne Hardy the performer emerges in the work of Sian Bonnell Arripare Gayle Chong Kwan

I have been developing an ongoing series of essays on British Women Photographers work which are being published on Photomonitor.co.uk.


To read PDF versions of essays published click on the links.


Made up Lovesong - Bettina Von Zwehl

"Today we see so much large scale photography on the walls of

museums and in contemporary art galleries that many have

begun to believe that all contemporary art photography needs to

be big. In this context, it might seem to be a statement of some

sort that Bettina von Zwehl has chosen to go very small in scale."



Strange Encounters with the work of Anne Hardy:

"Hardy works in a studio context, and over the past  13 years

I have visited each of her three spaces to see work in progress.

On reflection it strikes me that each studio manifests itself in the work produced there. The space not only impacts physically on what and how she could construct her installations, but each studio also represents a phase of her practice.



The Performer emerges in the work of Sian Bonnell

" In her work she often theatrically stages the objects she uses

that become the actors in her constructed plays. Over the years

these animated objects are being replaced by Bonnell herself,

as she has emerged from the background to become the

protagonist of the work. "



Arripare - Gayle Chong Kwan

"Chong Kwan has a track record of working internationally with

photography in the public realm. In that context it seems fitting

that she is the first winner of the biennal REFOCUS: The

Castlegate mima Photography Prize. The new landmark artwork

for Stockton-on-Tees stands at over 38 metres long and is

sited all along one side of Castlegate shopping centre, facing

outwards towards the River Tees."